Welcome to 4850 Amalfi Way, Mandalay Shores

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Map & directions:
We recommend using Sigalert to check traffic!

From the Los Angeles area:
1. The 405 North
2. 101 North
3. Exit East Vineyard Avenue (which turns into North Patterson Road to the right)
4. Turn right at West Gonzales Road
5. Turn left at Victoria Avenue
6. Turn Right onto Wooley
7. Turn left onto Harbor Blvd.
8. Turn right onto Island View St.
9. Take the 1st left onto Harbor Blvd.
10. Take the 1st right onto Amalfi Way.
11.  We are 8 houses on the left-4850 Amalfi Way There is parking for two small vehicles in the garage and 3-4 angled in front of the garage.  Please review the rental agreement for caution of parking near the neighbors properties.

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